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Zagreb, Croatia

About Zagreb

The city of Zagreb

Located on the historical and political threshold between East and West, the city of Zagreb embodies both the continental and Mediterranean spirit of the nation. Its favourable location between the Pannonian Plain, the edge of the Alps, and the Dinaric Mountains has made it a hub for international communication. As the capital of Croatia, it is the cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative centre. It can best be described as “tailor-made” for residents and tourists. The best thing you can do when you arrive here is soak up the wonderful atmosphere.
Zagreb has been called the second greenest capital in Europe, quieter, smaller, and different from other European cities. Despite its relatively small size, Zagreb offers a wide range of activities due to its abundance of content. When strolling through the streets of Zagreb’s city centre, you will feel the safety and warmth of this laid-back city. The charming Old Town, including the Upper Town and the Lenuci Green Horseshoe – a beautifully designed system of parks, squares, and museums that embody Zagreb’s historical and cultural richness – can be explored on foot or by bicycle.
Just outside the city centre, which you can reach by electric trams, you will find treasures such as Jarun Lake, Medvednica Mountain, and Maksimir Park. These natural gems offer opportunities for relaxation and recreation and complement the city’s vibrant cultural, social, and business offerings.
Enjoy your visit.

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Just 17 km from the centre, 20-25 minutes by car, the modern Franjo Tuđman Airport will offer you all the necessary facilities and services. Located in the vicinity of Velika Gorica, Franjo Tuđman Airport is a centre for every renowned airline, numerous rent-a-car offices, and restaurants. It has a large and secure parking lot, which adds to your comfort and makes your stay in the city carefree.

A number of major international airlines operate in Zagreb, including British Airways, Lufthansa, and Qatar Airways. Daily direct flights connect Zagreb with many other major cities in Europe.

  • Buses: Shuttle buses, by far the least expensive option, conveniently depart from the airport every 30 minutes. A one-way shuttle ticket is 30kn and takes travellers between the airport and the Zagreb Bus Station.
  • Pre-arranged transfers: For your convenience and better service you can book your transportation to and from the airport at very good prices via the Meeting registration form.

  • Taxi: Taxis regularly await passengers in front of the airport. The taxi stand for arriving passengers is available at the Passenger Terminal, located in the vicinity of the Ground Floor, Arrivals level of the Terminal. For an often less-pricey alternative, travellers can order an Uber or Bolt.

  • Car: Rent-a-car service is available for all passengers at the airport.


To book a train ticket, check directly with Croatian Railways at their official website

Zagreb is internationally connected to the following countries via railway: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland

In the last ten years, Croatia has renovated and built a large number of new motorways. Toll booths are situated at convenient points on the highways. Fees can be paid in cash (kuna and euro), card, or via prepaid Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). Croatia’s motorways smoothly connect to major European roadways, and plenty European capitals are under 10 hours from Zagreb by car.

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