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Zagreb, Croatia


fred brouns library Maastricht
Fred Brouns
Lecture Title: Wheat types and artisanal or modern-industrial bread making: does it matter for health?
Nigel Halford June 2022
Nigel Halford
Lecture Title: Genome editing for low acrylamide wheat, including europe’s first crispr wheat field trial; and an introduction to the ACRYRED COST action
Sabrina Geisslitz
LectureTitle: Application, challenges and possibilities of mass spectrometric analysis of cereal proteins
Vinko Lesic_photo
Vinko Lesic
Lecture Title: Smart and predictive agriculture with artificial intelligence
Daisy Jonkers
Daisy Jonkers
Lecture Title: Summary of the ‘Well on Wheat?’ project on Non Coeliac Wheat Sensitivity intervention studies
2022-08-Le Bail-retouché eloise
Alain le Bail
Lecture Title: Innovation in mixing applied to bread and cake
Tamara Nanitashvili
Lecture Title: Food safety and security, requirements and research needs, the fao perspective
Ana Pilipovic
Ana Pilipović
Lecture Title: Challenges in food 3d printing


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